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Main UI

Choose Your Library

Starting at the top left of the extension, the first field you come to is the selected library. Changing this will change all the icons that are shown. Visit here to see what libraries are currently available.

The second field shows what sub-categories are available for each library. From here, you can choose to only show a few categories, or hide categories you don't wish to see.

The search field will try to match both names and keywords of icons to give you the best results possible. No refresh necessary, it'll search and update as you type.

Click the X to clear search results

If you wish to search through all the libraries at once, type your query into the search field and click this global search button . It may take a few seconds to search through all the libraries' names & keywords, but the results will show in the normal body of the extension.

Import Multiple Icons

Clicking this button will import all the currently visible icons, each as their own layer.

For Performance & Reliability

Only available when showing 200 icons or less